Why does your average fat loss diet not work?

fat loss diet = Failure! Kyle’s REVERSE Food Pyramid is IN!!

We all could probably use a little boost in our nutrition. You know… tighten things up a little. Everybody knows that eating CLEAN is one of the most important parts of any nutritional plan. However, most of us don’t realize that we’re NOT eating enough! If you are exercising (which there is NO exception, you SHOULD BE)… you have to take in enough calories to support the extra calories you are burning.

Weight training should always be your main focus in an exercise program. Cardio second.

Reason being, if we only do cardio… we’re not going to maintain or even build muscle tissue. Therefore our metabolisms will either remain the same or even slow down! Increasing the metabolism to BURN FAT is a matter of increasing lean muscle mass. To do this, resistance training must take place. Now on the flip side, we have to increase our calorie intake to support this new growth. The newly added calories should primarily come from lean proteins. And without exception… you should be consuming a minimum of 5 meals per day.

I’ll attempt to not go TOOOO much into detail, and I have to warn you that this article might bore the living hell out of you simply because this is where I step up on my pedestal. =P    But if you bare with me and take to heart what I write… your fitness goals will be achieved in half the time!

Simply put, the more meals we eat throughout the day… the less calories we can consume EACH meal. This allows us to get in enough calories throughout the day to still get in all the nutrients we need for our muscles to recover. But consuming less calories PER meal means a much lower risk of storing body fat.   MAKE SENSE???  There is no such thing as a Fat Loss DIET, just strategic ways of eating to metabolize fat.



I think our food pyramid is a little backwards.

fat loss diet

Our food pyramid shows most of our grains being the majority of our diet. You’ll notice it’s the largest portion of our pyramid. Not that carbohydrates are bad!  We just have to understand which TYPES of carbs to eat.  Carbs are our body’s main source of energy and a major key part in brain function and performance. So we definitely should NEVER cut out carbs.  I don’t give a damn what any magazine or fad diet says.  You’re now one of MY babies… I’m taking you under my fitness wing and by God… I’m going to teach you the TRUE way to go about things here!   lol

So from my EXPERIENCE and knowledge of nutrition, I’ve found that switching out the carbs and proteins on the food pyramid results in a much leaner and more toned body. That’s what we are going for after all… correct??

All YOU have to worry about is getting some source of lean protein EVERY SINGLE meal, 5-6 times a day minimum.  This protein can come from lean meats such as chicken, beef, fish, turkey… or even eggs and protein shakes. Once you’ve made this a staple in your nutrition… you can build on this with carbohydrates and fats.  The GOOD ones of course!    Now what general fat loss diet tells you to eat carbs and fats?  =)


A so called fat loss diet is a way for people to make money

You know the saying nothing comes free. Well I don’t want to say that is completely true, but it’s damn near close! Unfortunately all kinds of people out there are coming up with the biggest and best new fat loss diet or workout gadget that promises INSANE results. Trust me when I tell you, 93% of what you read in mags, see advertising on TV or hear on the radio is a straight up lie. Unfortunately, the people marketing these products can make whatever claims they choose. They’re ONLY motif is to make more money for that bigger house or nicer car while the concern for getting you true results is probably little if none. So I want you to completely ignore all the silly commercials you hear from now on.

So the next crazy fat loss diet you hear about… block it out and go on with your day, because the second you hear somebody say things like “AND GET IT TODAY FOR THE LOW PRICE OF…” ,  ”THEY’RE GOING FAST! GET YOURS NOW AT THIS DISCOUNTED RATE!”…    you can say… “Welp!.. Kyle told me so.”    ;)

Weight Loss: What The Media Wants Us To Think

Weight Loss Diets

Hey!!  Kyle here,  I hope you’re doing AWESOME!

I wanted to talk a little about diets.  Yes… the one subject that has as many mixed opinions as Obama’s go at Presidency.  HA!  Ok… that wasn’t funny..

So MOST if not all of us have tried some form of diet before. If your goal was weight loss…  did you rein successful from your attempt?

I have to be honest. As a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast of nearly 12 years… I’ve done my share of research and studying in the field. In my opinion…  I hate fad diets. I think they’re BS. I mean come on… cayenne pepper and lemon juice.. REALLY?

It scares me that people rely on this to lose weight. There’s practically NO nutritional value, therefore no way to maintain muscle mass or provide other macronutrients, vitamins or minerals that are vital for body functions and general health.

Not to say weight loss can’t be achieved using this method. However, I believe it will help you lose “weight.” But now you have to classify “weight.”  It can be several things other than body fat. Including muscle mass and water. When water weight is lost it can be gained back immediately after drinking guess what…  water! =)

When weight from muscle is lost, the metabolism slows down and in my opinion completely defeats the purpose. Not to mention, wouldn’t you think somebody that is lean AND has muscle tone looks much better than somebody that is “skinny fat?”

How to achieve PROPER weight loss

From a scientific perspective… the more muscle we have on our body, the higher our metabolism will be. As a personal trainer…  I’ll tell you first hand. My no-fail, guaranteed, fool-proof method for weight loss (for ANY client) is building a foundation with weight training. Don’t get me wrong… cardio will have a major role in the process of losing weight. But resistance training, no matter what kind you utilize should ALWAYS be your main focus.

Types of resistance tools for ANY weight loss program

Here is a short list of some things you can use to build and tone lean muscle tissue without going into depth of exercises… even though I know you’d LOVE for me to spill ALL the beans for you.  =)

  • weights (barbells/dumbbells)
  • machines
  • kettlebells
  • resistance bands
  • body weight/calisthenic exercises.  ex-pushups, sit ups, body weight squats
  • plyometrics
Here’s the even cooler part. I always here the excuse… “well I can’t afford a gym membership!”   well you don’t have to be able to. Half of the things I mentioned in the list are either free or something you can sink just a tiny bit of money into at your closest sport and goods store. Also save up a couple detergent jugs or milk jugs and fill them with water. There are a TON of exercises you could do utilizing just these few tools.

I’d love your comments. =D

Omlet Muffin Recipe by San Antonio fitness trainer Kyle Hall!

San Antonio fitness and nutrition expert reveals one of his best healthy recipes.

Hey ALL!!    Hope you’re doing friggin awesome.

San Antonio fitness enthusiasts are growing. I thought I’d help increase the number a bit by throwing out one of my favorite HEALTHY recipes. So…  It’s time we throw a little something interesting into that diet of yours And guess what!   Daddy Kyle has JUST what you need.  =)   So who doesn’t love omlets?  I’m guessing not many of you.  Well we’re going to put a bit of a twist on the basic omlet.

You know…  Do a little Kyle Style. ;p

So here’s what my recipe calls for:

  • 1 cup of ground turkey (cooked)
  • 6 whole eggs
  • 1 chopped banana peppers
  • low fat feta cheeze
  • non-stick cooking spray

Step 1. Once your ground turkey is cooked, beat the eggs in a bowl until the yolks are completely mixed in.

Step 2. Add the meat and sprinkle in a bit of feta and banana peppers as well. After greasing 6 muffin tins fill them 3/4 of the way up with the mixture, still giving the eggs a little room to rise.

Step 3. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Step 4. bake for 15-20 min until you reach a consistency that you like.


Step 5. EAT!!

Step 6. LEAVE A COMMENT!   I’d love to know what you think about the omlet muffins.   So go try them out and tell me all about it. =)

Well there it is!  Your Low Cal, low fat, low carb, HIGH protein and might I add… VERY tasty omlet muffins!   Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. =)

 Now you have another major tool under your belt to get you one step closer to being one of the thousands of San Antonio fitness up and comers.

Be on the lookout for San Antonio fitness expert, Kyle Hall’s other awesome recipes!


Fat loss – 3 quick tips!

Fat Loss: 3 quick and easy steps!

For ALL of you currently on the journey to lose the extra fat that you’ve collected over the years… I’m also in the process of shedding some of the excess blubber. Despite the fact that I’m fairly lean at the moment, we all have our aspirations and an ideal image of what we want to look at. That goes for me as well.

So a not so long 14 weeks ago, I had been enjoying my “off-season” bulking phase with all the good foods I love.  But now it’s time to trim down a bit and get the sought after 6 pack back. I’m still not COMPLETELY to my goal yet, but I’m getting closer each day.

As I’ve progressed over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten a LOT of questions about what I’m doing to get ripped and achieve such quick fat loss results. People accuse me of taking fat burners all the time, or they ask me how much I run.

Best part, I don’t do EITHER!!    >=]   Muahhh haa haaa!  <—-  Evil laugh

So here’s me before my fat loss journey:

Fat Loss

Now that you can see how soft I was and the little belly I was toting around…  I’ll give you 3 of the most IMPORTANT rules of thumb I follow day in and day out to make my goal of getting a shredded six pack SO much easier.

So enough with the fluff. =)    Let’s get straight to some of my fat loss SECRETS

Fat Loss secrets the stars would die for!

TIP # 1

  • Try to avoid long-duration high-intensity cardio exercises at all costs! As I mentioned before, I do NOT run.  Try keeping the heart rate around 120 beats per minute. The higher your heart rate climbs, the less body fat you actually utilize for energy.

TIP # 2

  • When doing resistance training/weight lifting… Do a set of “Mountain Climbers” in between each set. This is a great exercise for maximizing the calories you burn doing a weight training session.

TIP # 3

  • Eat 5-6 meals per day. This doesn’t just mean eat something 5 to 6 times per day. By 5-6 meals… I actually mean “meals.”  A good solid portion of protein(lean meat, fish or protein shakes) should be a staple every single time you eat. For the first half of the day, consume a complex carb (brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, quinoa, ect…) with each meal as well. The rest of your meals for the day should consist of both a lean source of protein AND a green vegetable.

So there you go!  Make a habit to incorporate these tips each day and start to feel the clothes getting loser every single week.


Hope you enjoyed the post!   ALL comments are welcome!   =)

fat loss