Weight Loss: What The Media Wants Us To Think

Weight Loss Diets

Hey!!  Kyle here,  I hope you’re doing AWESOME!

I wanted to talk a little about diets.  Yes… the one subject that has as many mixed opinions as Obama’s go at Presidency.  HA!  Ok… that wasn’t funny..

So MOST if not all of us have tried some form of diet before. If your goal was weight loss…  did you rein successful from your attempt?

I have to be honest. As a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast of nearly 12 years… I’ve done my share of research and studying in the field. In my opinion…  I hate fad diets. I think they’re BS. I mean come on… cayenne pepper and lemon juice.. REALLY?

It scares me that people rely on this to lose weight. There’s practically NO nutritional value, therefore no way to maintain muscle mass or provide other macronutrients, vitamins or minerals that are vital for body functions and general health.

Not to say weight loss can’t be achieved using this method. However, I believe it will help you lose “weight.” But now you have to classify “weight.”  It can be several things other than body fat. Including muscle mass and water. When water weight is lost it can be gained back immediately after drinking guess what…  water! =)

When weight from muscle is lost, the metabolism slows down and in my opinion completely defeats the purpose. Not to mention, wouldn’t you think somebody that is lean AND has muscle tone looks much better than somebody that is “skinny fat?”

How to achieve PROPER weight loss

From a scientific perspective… the more muscle we have on our body, the higher our metabolism will be. As a personal trainer…  I’ll tell you first hand. My no-fail, guaranteed, fool-proof method for weight loss (for ANY client) is building a foundation with weight training. Don’t get me wrong… cardio will have a major role in the process of losing weight. But resistance training, no matter what kind you utilize should ALWAYS be your main focus.

Types of resistance tools for ANY weight loss program

Here is a short list of some things you can use to build and tone lean muscle tissue without going into depth of exercises… even though I know you’d LOVE for me to spill ALL the beans for you.  =)

  • weights (barbells/dumbbells)
  • machines
  • kettlebells
  • resistance bands
  • body weight/calisthenic exercises.  ex-pushups, sit ups, body weight squats
  • plyometrics
Here’s the even cooler part. I always here the excuse… “well I can’t afford a gym membership!”   well you don’t have to be able to. Half of the things I mentioned in the list are either free or something you can sink just a tiny bit of money into at your closest sport and goods store. Also save up a couple detergent jugs or milk jugs and fill them with water. There are a TON of exercises you could do utilizing just these few tools.

I’d love your comments. =D

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